Frequently Asked Questions

Check our FAQs below. If you don’t find an answer to your question please email us on or call us on +353 (0)61 921 691

My gate is 6ft wide. Will you be able to deliver to me?

Clare Waste trucks need a clearance of 4 metres.

How high can I load the skip?

You can load the skip to water level of the top. If the skip is filled beyond this point we cannot collect for safety reasons.

Can you put the skip over a 3ft wall?

Clare Waste can accommodate you on this.

What items do you not take?

Asbestos, animal waste, oil of any kind, chemicals, paint & glue and silage wrap.

Will the material in my skip be recycled?

Yes, at Clare Waste we recycle as much as we can. Some of the materials go for reuse and repurpose. We are very conscious of the environment and do our upmost to reduce the amount of materials going to landfill.

Can I put glass bottles into my skip?

You can put glass into the skip. Glass can be melted or crushed and turned onto more glass. This supports our committment to the environment.

Can I put soil into my skip?

Soil can be put into a skip as long as it has not been contaminated with hazardous material such  as oil, solvents, paints etc

How do I fill the skip properly?
Place heavier items at the bottom of your skip. It is a good idea to break down furniture before loading.
Note: Please keep a eye on your skip as passers-by might think it’s a free for all and add their own items to it!

How long can I have the skip for?

The skip is with you for 3 full days. If you wish to keep your skip longer please contact us on +353 (0)61 921 391

Can Clare Waste drop and pick up a skip in the same day?


Can I get a skip with a lid?

Yes. Make sure to ask if you need this.

Can I load my skip with a wheelbarrow?


Do I need a permit?

In certain areas you do. Call us to find out +353 (0)61 921 391

How do I pay for my skip?

To make arrangements on payment phone Clare Waste +353 (0)61 921 391

How much notice do I give to order the skip?

We require 1 day’s notice.

What areas do Clare Waste cover?

Clare Waste covers County Clare, Limerick City& County , Tipperary North and South, East Galway.

How do I know what size of skip to order?

If not sure, please call us on +353 (0)61 921 391 and we will advise you.

Can I choose the time my skip will arrive?

Yes you can, if you have questions on this you can ring Clare Waste on +353 (0)61 921 391

Can I change the date and size of my skip?

Clare Waste will make every effort to facilitate any changes you need to make. Call us on +353 (0)61 921 391

Can I order skips on a regular basis or open an account with you?

Clare Waste are happy to provide rates for repeat skip ordering. Please email with your request

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